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Communication Studies

administrative contact

Matt Martin
Department of Communication Studies
phone: 304-293-6441

program contact

Matt Martin
Department of Communication Studies
phone: 304-293-6441

Program Details

Program Description

The Department of Communication Studies offers a curriculum to meet the needs of liberal arts and pre-professional students oriented toward communication-related careers such as marketing, sales, recruiting, public relations, strategic communication and market research, among many others. The undergraduate curriculum focuses on the application of theory and research in human communication to a variety of personal social and organizational settings. Majors may elect to follow one of five areas of emphasis (health, integrated, interpersonal, social and media and communication technology, or strategic and communication organizational communication). All majors complete a capstone sequence that integrates academic course work and applies course material to real-world experience.

Health Communication
Facilitate your preparation for health-related careers by focusing on communication over the lifespan, health campaigns, mediated communication and persuasion. Learn how to effectively design and evaluate health messages to be communicated interpersonally, organizationally and within the community at large.

Integrated Communication
Gain exposure to a generalist communication education. Tailor your degree program to enhance communication skills with your own goals and passions in mind with assistance from your adviser.

Interpersonal Communication
Develop your ability to investigate, identify and enact effective behaviors in personal relationships such as family, coworkers, small groups, friends and romantic partnerships. This knowledge complements fields that involve or focus on the betterment of these relationships.

Social Media and Communication Technology
Gain expertise in the emerging role of social networking and social media in human communication for interpersonal, instructional, organizational and strategic contexts. Be prepared to apply the theory of social media technology to meet personal and professional goals.

Strategic and Organizational Communication
Develop your ability to successfully navigate any organization by improving your understanding of organizational communication, social media, small group dynamics, persuasion and communication campaigns.

Career Profile

Because communication studies teaches students the skills that are in high demand by today’s employers, the major offers excellent preparation for a number of career paths. Students become adept at communicating across through types of media, conducting research, evaluating information, and working collaboratively — all assets in a variety of business, government, education and nonprofit workplaces. Students who major in communication studies also have the option of going on to graduate or professional school after their bachelor’s has been successfully completed.

English Language Proficiency

All applicants whose first language is not English must provide proof of English language proficiency. WVU accepts either the TOEFL or the IELTS for this purpose. Please see Office of Admissions - English Language Proficiency for more information.

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